Sub-Zero PreservationWolf

Cook with greater control. Enjoy more delicious results.

Wolf dual fuel range with signature red knobs

Superior Materials and Craftsmanship

Increased Power. More Imagination. Tastier Results.

Every Wolf is built in the USA of the highest-quality materials and components, assembled with precision, and tested for ultimate reliability. We take no shortcuts. The same quality principles apply to Sub-Zero's corporate companion. Every new material is scrutinized before being released to assembly where our finely-tuned attention to detail and craftsmanship ensure a reliable, well-built product.

Wolf dual fuel range handle

An Unflinching Quality Assurance Program

Extensive Testing Helps Guarantee Peak Performance

We’re fastidious about quality assurance. Assurance for you — and for us — that every Wolf will have the performance and longevity our discerning customers expect. That's why we subject every detail to meticulous testing.

  • Every single unit is tested before leaving the factory.
  • Every major component is tested before it can move to the production line.
  • Every feature and function on every unit is inspected for performance prior to shipping.
  • Long-term reliability testing simulates extreme conditions and heavy use over many years of the most intense cooking scenarios.
  • Performance testing on many additional features exceed industry and agency minimum standards.
Manufacturing reliability testing

Made in the USA

Wolf: A Living Legacy of Quality

Every Wolf is designed, manufactured and tested to restaurant-use standards, here in the USA. Wolf was born in the USA, and refined over 60 years in the best commercial kitchens. Sub-Zero purchased Wolf in 2000, and has continued with and even raised the bar on that legacy of quality.

Not only is Wolf made in the USA, every facet of our operation is still held close for premium quality control. And when you reach our Customer Care call center, you always speak with trained representatives at our headquarters in Madison, Wisconsin.

Grinding at Sub-Zero and Wolf manufacturing facility